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Blogging Tales of the Cocktail 2009 post Tales: Day 2

07.14.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

So I got back and I’ve finally recovered and got some time gather my thoughts on Tales. They really shouldn’t end Tales on a Sunday just for the people who have to head back to regular 9-5 jobs after the whole, but I digress. July 9 Some seminar highlights worth mentioning: “Mixologists and Their Toys”Moderator: ...

Our (wo)man in New Orleans

07.08.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

July 8 As I sat in Laguardia airport after my delayed flight was canceled, I thought to myself, “Man, maybe I wasn’t meant to go to Tales of the Cocktail this year.” Somehow the ineptitude and just plain terribleness of an airline that shall remain unnamed I found myself on one of the last flights ...

Tales of the cocktail announces official cocktail: The Creole Julep

04.21.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

In the annual Official Cocktail Competition finals that took in April. Maksym Pazuniak, mixologist at Rambla and Cure, snagged the honor of creating this year’s official cocktail for Tales of the Cocktail. Creole JulepCreated by Maksym Pazuniak, Cure/Rambla 2 1/4 oz. Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum1/2 oz. Clement Creole Shrubb1/4 oz. Captain Morgan 1002 dashes ...

Tales is still months away, but I celebrated it with Saveur

02.03.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

Jan. 2 Interesting facts gleaned from the evening. 1) Punch is delicious. (more of a restatement rather than a discovery)2) Eben Freeman listens to T.I. I usually sneak into Tailor right when it opens and run out way before the night really begins for people with real lives, so I’d never really been in the ...

Tales of the Cocktail 2008: Seminar highlights

07.31.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

A, I hope, quick run-through of things that I wanted to mention that stood out from a few of the many seminars I attended: Molecular Mixology, Thursday, July 17:(Led by Jamie Boudreau with panelists Eben Klemm, Eben Freeman and Claire Smith) Eben Klemm talked about his background in molecular biology at M.I.T. and how at ...