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Hello, everyone. And welcome to The blog is still growing into its new home as I experiment with WordPress and bring over old entries to the new site, so please excuse any issues as far as looks or usability. In fact, add a comment to this entry if you notice anything glaring that needs to be fixed.

For those of you who don’t know me and are just stumbling onto Imbibiography: Welcome. For those of you following this blog from its old home on Blogspot: nice to see you again and glad you could make it. Whichever group you fall into, read the following message that I also posted on Standards and Pours.

First and foremost, to answer a question I’ve been asked a few times when relating this bit of news: Yes, I still work at Nation’s Restaurant News, though now my new title is Online Senior Editor.

In fact, the past year or so has seen a lot of changes at Nation’s Restaurant News, if you keep up with what goes on in the publishing world. We have a new parent company, Penton Media, which meant a move to our new offices in Chelsea.

Last year we launched or web site redesign and a new content management system for the back end to allow us more flexibility and the ability to try out newer, bigger and better things as we continue to strive to be the news source for the restaurant industry. Our efforts as an editorial team not only landed as a finalist this year in the Min’s Best of the Web awards for B2B relaunch and we were also honored as one of the best Digital Teams of the Year. as a finalist for the 2011 Jesse H. Neal awards for “Best E-Newsletter – Linked Content.”

This is just to explain that the new home for my beverage blog is just a logical part of new developments. While these developments meant added exciting responsibilities with more large scale projects moving forward with, as some followers of Standards and Pours may have noticed, the number of blog posts have dropped as well as my primary focus shifted more towards developing I found a lot of times I would be writing and posting blog entries late at night and on weekends as opposed to finding time during the day as part of my regular schedule. And it usually was more as an after thought as well. I couldn’t update as much as I could with the increased duties. So in an effort to better balance attention to all of these elements, I decided it was time to actually move blog writing into its own sphere apart from my day job.

This does not mean that there is no longer a Standards and Pours. More like, it’s taking a year off from college and heading to Europe to figure itself out. It will probably return in a different form on as we explore ways we can have a blog on our site proper, where our experienced editorial staff will be able to voice their quick observations of the industry that doesn’t necessarily fit into an article or a traditional column…which means I need to sit down and figure out where the wires connect and where in the CMS and design pages, and…and…this is a prime example of why I haven’t had time to do much blogging right here.

I’m pretty excited because it also means I can have a bit more fun with Imbibiography since Standards and Pours suffered from dealing with time constraints or not fitting under the auspices of providing news, views and a slice of community life for those working in the hospitality and night life industry.

I will continue to contribute, when possible, to the beverage coverage for, so those of you out there in the beverage industry can continue to expect sudden and frazzled communication from me requesting an interview.

I’d like to thank my friend MJ for helping me set this new home up and has been very patient with me as I’ve tried to figure out the ins and outs of all of this. I would also like to thank the NRN team for being supportive with my blog endeavors.

So, sit back, relax. Let’s take this thing for a spin and see how it runs.

Sonya Moore

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