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Tales of the Cocktail 2010: No words…they should’ve sent a poet…

07.22.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

…or at least a better photographer than myself.

You know, I kind of panicked yesterday because I thought I’d left my card reader at home, but apparently I brought the USB cable. So check this out. So you’re at Tales, and hanging out in New Orleans, you know, it’s kind of natural you might run into John Besh.

(He was at the Hotel Monteleone doing a book signing and he was shy about being photographed on his own.)

Evidence of Tuesday night shenanigans, with photos of Miss von Teese before these photos veer into NSWF territory. (I plan on uploading more onto my Flickr later, so stay tuned there.)

Wednesday’s breakfast with Oxley Gin:

A double-decker bus whisked folks off to the Beefeater Gin Tales reception on Wednesday night. The event had a Beefeater meets Alice in Wonderland theme.

This thing ended up leaking in my bag later on:

Some folks I did not know who wanted me to take their picture. But they came out real good and look so happy so they must be included:


‘Sup GQ

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