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Dutch Kills to finally open?

04.29.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

Well, at least according to Giuseppe Gonzalez’s Facebook status update from this morning, the long elusive opening date of the Long Island City bar is within reach: “Giuseppe Gonzalez is telling the world that “Dutch Kills” is officially opening Friday, May 1st… Come and have a drink… or several.” You can be sure I’ll be ...

Emails I get: Earth Day

04.22.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

Once again, from the “stuff that comes across my desk” department. Warning: This is just a collection of various things I’ve received via email that I’m sharing simply as data points. But by all means, read the NRN story on organic spirits featured in this month’s NRN Beverage Trends E-Newsletter. One email from the Gerber ...

Tales of the cocktail announces official cocktail: The Creole Julep

04.21.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

In the annual Official Cocktail Competition finals that took in April. Maksym Pazuniak, mixologist at Rambla and Cure, snagged the honor of creating this year’s official cocktail for Tales of the Cocktail. Creole JulepCreated by Maksym Pazuniak, Cure/Rambla 2 1/4 oz. Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum1/2 oz. Clement Creole Shrubb1/4 oz. Captain Morgan 1002 dashes ...

Events I cannot go to: Gin-soaked get togethers

04.10.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes, things are out of my control and there are events that I cannot attend. Sometimes it’s geographical, but a lot of times it’s just a matter of timing. I managed to get to different invites to some interesting-sounding drink-related upcoming events that are upcoming that I cannot attend. And in an odd coincidence they ...